Monday, February 23, 2015


I went to the Dispatch Home and Garden Show today, which was very disappointing. My reason for going was to glimpse a bit of Spring, and glean a few ideas for my garden. To be honest there was little Spring blooming, and the new ideas for garden design were negligible. I did see an interesting idea for a fountain in the Oakland Nursery space, which would work nicely near my new wall in the rear part of the garden. I have been looking for a water feature for over a year, and this series of rocks would be perfect.
As I mentioned yesterday, today I am baking my crusty bread that I left to proof overnight.
Sorry this blog doesn't have smell-a-vision, because my bread smells delicious. Tonight I am making dinner to go along with my bread,which actually is a fairly rare occurrence, as my dear husband prefers to eat out nightly. I think I am going to write  about the dining experience on a future blog, and what is required for excellent service.  Service is my main criteria for rating a restaurant.
Tonight is the Academy Awards, which is always fun to see what the rich and famous have chosen to wear........THE MEASUREMENT OF A GREAT LIFE IS NOT HOW WELL YOU ARE LOVED.....BUT HOW WELL YOU LOVE OTHERS.........
Check out the jewels the stars are wearing, and know that pearls are the perfect accessory.....SO PUT ON YOUR PEARLS GIRLS, AND HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK

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