Thursday, February 25, 2010

February is almost over, and Spring is soon to follow. Actually the sun was out for a slight moment which always energizes me. It seems appropriate to think about organizing my studio, closets, etc.
I am a "casual" follower of feng shui which translates into I love the concept, but I tweak the details. One of my favorite books is by Skye Alexander......10-Minute Feng Shui. Ms. Alexander states that much of feng shui is common sense, and the inner and outer worlds are related. Our home outwardly mirrors our emotional state. In the most simplistic terms, a cluttered home respresents a confused state of being.
Positive energy cannot flow if the home is a cluttered space. I know that when my studio, which my friend Gail lovingly calls the"boiler room" is disorganized and cluttered, my creativity is hampered. Removing clutter makes you more efficient and gives you more room for opportunities to come into your life.
It is necessary to have good lighting in the studio or work area which increases the amount of chi (positive energy). I have a variety of lights which direct the light onto my work table, as well as having a small table Ott light. I have wonderful twinkle lights hanging everywhere as well, although they do not provide true light they provide a festive mood which energizes me. I recently purchased a marvelous candle from the Sharon Weiss Gallery in the Short North that I burn now all the time when I am in the studio, and it gives the studio the most delicious feel.
I have painted my studio white which is the color of purity and protection, and according to Ms. Alexander provides security for those who enter the space.

By purchasing drawers and cubbys my papers and ephemera are organized, and because I like to be able to see my supplies everthing is in some type of an open container.
Now that my studio is organized, this week-end I am planning to tackle the bedroom. I like to change my bedding according to the season, which means it is time to bring in the spring, and put away the winter......I just looked out the window, and yes, it is once again snowing, but this week-end Spring "is" coming to my home.
......don't be willing to accept an ordinary put on your pearls girls and seize the moment.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching.......a time of love and romance, and I want to remind everyone that pearls make a wonderful romantic gift.
Speaking of love and romance, the wedding season is beginning, and I am now doing a collage wedding cake topper. I am still perfecting my photographic skills, but hopefully you get the idea. There are real roses on the top, which opens to allow for a treasure to be saved from the wedding.
Looking for something to do this week-end, stop by the Sharon Weiss Gallery on Lincoln St. for Gallery Hop and purchase a cake topper....................
you are as happy as you make up your mind to put on your pearls girls and enjoy the day.