Monday, January 24, 2011

A must see movie, THE KING'S SPEECH. Fabulous acting, and such a wonderful story.....who knew that King George VI and Queen Elizabeth were so funny, and shared such a loving marriage.
If you have a chance try the Hubbard Grille................good food, and outstanding service thanx to Patricia.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I watched ,the American, starring George Clooney the other day, and the only thing I can say is, "what was he thinking"? It had to be one of the worst movies I have ever watched. There were about 12 lines of dialogue in the first hour, and George had this pensive, distressed look which probably came from the realization that he consented to do the movie. I am sure he was well compensated and let's face it, we all make choices based on finances at times, but really this was a bad decision no matter how much he was paid. George, put on a tux and make a romantic worked well for Cary Grant.

Friday, January 21, 2011

The sun is shinning after the "BIG" storm which in all honesty was not all that big, and this is coming from a person who is beyond nervous driving during a storm.
I had to drive to work at 5:00 pm last night for a bridal event which took me 1 hour to drive 11 miles. I called my son Benjamin as I headed down the road, and he was very calming telling me to drive slowly......I told him I was still in 1st gear, when he stopped laughing, I said I would call him later. I will tell you that sand bags in the trunk make all the difference when you drive a small car.
I made it home in time to watch the new show, "Fairly Legal", on the USA channel. It is a great show, well written, fast paced, good acting.......everything an hour of TV should be...Thursday nights at 10:00 pm.
home is where there's one to love us..... the week-end is here, so PUT ON YOUR PEARLS GIRLS, AND ENJOY.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

............speaking of fashion and style, Rebecca Moses states that style rests deep in our soul and is our most important form of expression. Style communicates to those around us who we are. Style is not about buying designer clothing, or spending vast sums of money, it is an attitude, a way of thinking. I think one must be comfortable with the fashion choices one makes, and learn to have confidence in our choices. I am concerned that most people I see shopping at the mall or dining out give no thought to their style........the message is "I don't care", or maybe more importantly, "I don't get it". We seem to be a lazy group, not willing to take a few extra moments to express our style.
European women, especially French women absolutely get it.....they exude style, and they are not about quantity of is definitely an attitude, a self confidence, a self assured demeanor.
I recently read that color in fashion is one of the major faux pas that we make. If you have a reddish complexion, don't wear red, and if you have dark circles under your eyes don't wear black; oooops black is my color of choice, and yes I do occasionally have those dreaded dark circles, so I guess I will be in search of a new concealer.
The article also mentioned that fit, especially in trousers, is extremely important, and ignored by many.
So regardless if your style is traditional, contemporary, or hip hop, take the time to express yourself, and present yourself with your best foot forward.
I, of course, think that pearls are the most important accessory a woman can own, but for those days when you just want something different or to add something to your pearls, take a look at my new silver necklaces with a collection of vintage fades, but style remains bright, so PUT ON YOUR PEARLS GIRLS AND HAVE A GOOD DAY.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Where did 2010 go? I last wrote in August, 2010, and now it's January, 2011. I think I must have fallen into a deep sleep or perhaps it was a spell, but now I am back so........HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU.........DOING WHAT YOU LOVE IS FREEDOM....LOVING WHAT YOU DO IS HAPPINESS.
Yummy new pearl necklace designs available. Need a special "girlfriend" gift, I have Rebecca Moses' new book "A Life of Style", or how about picking a pair of "flower petal" gloves with what for that special gift, and remember............."PUT ON YOUR PEARLS GIRLS", STAY WARM AND HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK-END.