Friday, March 19, 2010

Today is a tribute to Spring, which officially starts is so glorious out today, and I am filled with spring fever. I have opened up the windows, and the spring air is delicious...there is a slight breeze coming in, and I am feeling energized, and somewhat contemplative, which I know is a bit of a contradiction.
I just came back from a walk with Simon, and now I really need to head to the studio, but it is too wonderful near the window.
I was looking at some new mother-of-pearl beads on line, and realized that it has been almost 3 years since I started Girls Wear Pearls. The 3 years have flown, and I feel as though I have always been working with pearls.
I made my first pearl necklace, with help from my friend Denise, for my niece Meredith's, wedding, and she is ready to celebrate her third anniversary, and her son, Sawyer's first birthday.
Now her sister, Hallie, is getting married, and I need to create another pearl necklace to wear to her wedding.
I had a pearl necklace that I inherited from my mother which was a combination of my grandmother's pearls and my mom's pearls. I made 3 bracelets with the pearls.........
one I gave to Meredith when she completed her PhD., one I gave to Hallie when she graduated from law school, and one I kept for myself. I know that I am wearing this treasured bracelet to the wedding, and I hope that the nieces will as well...a connection to our heritage, the last of the Albert women......... is too short for put on your pearls girls, and enjoy the day