Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I would like to share my pearls of wisdom regarding the President's address to America's school age children........it is incomprehensible that people were upset with the thought that the President of the United States should address the children, those that are the future of our country. We live in a democracy where during an average election less than 30% of registered voters exercise their right to vote. Isn't it the most valuable lesson for a black man who studied hard, worked hard, and became the first black President to speak to our youth, and encourage them to get an education. The news quoted a school district that said they were not sure that the address was worth showing........what does that mean. The President of the United States wants to speak to the youth of America, to encourage them to stay in school, to tell them to work hard and achieve goals, and there are people who are against this. Is this perhaps the pinnacle of negativity.
President Obama told the students to take responsibility for themselves, to attend school, to work hard and be the best that each can be. He said not to let failures define them, but to teach them.
A person must acknowledge his failures as graciously as his successes. Winning teaches a person nothing, however the act of failing elicits great wisdom, the least of which it is more enjoyable to succeed.
We live in a world where many believe that they are entitled. I don't believe this to be true, there is no excuse for not trying, for not working hard.
So thank-you Mr. President for trying to inspire our children......and as always put on your pearls girls and be the best that you can be.

Friday, September 4, 2009

When I was at work today, someone asked a customer if it was a nice day, to which she replied that it was fine......fine, it is a glorious day today, no humidity, sunshine and 80*. What does it take for a person to appreciate the simple things in life. Have we all become so blase' and focused on rushing here and there that we don't see the beauty in each day.

It was a toss-up whether I write about the gorgeous hydrangeas from my garden or the stupidity of some school districts refusing to air the President's address to school children, and since it is magnificent out today, this last holiday week-end of the summer, I am writing about flowers and will discuss "ignorance" next week.

I just came in from picking hydrangeas from my garden, and I can not put into words how exquisite they are. The colors blend from sage to periwinkle to rose with the tiniest little dots in the center that resemble delicate seed pearls.

My suggestion to you is "put on your pearls" and take a stroll outside, and if anyone ever questions if there is a power greater than ourselves, please be reminded of Mother Nature and her creations of summer.

Have a great Holiday week-end.