Tuesday, May 31, 2011

To all the naysayers who spoke against the Downtown Commons(the previous location of CityCenter)......shame on you. Went to a free concert put on by Shadowbox Live on Sunday. The green space is lovely, including a carousel.
I am not good at estimating crowds, but I would guess that there were at least 2000 people enjoying a wonderful evening with great music. Families, young people, older people all came together to enjoy Back to the Garden (a Woodstock reflection).
Speaking of the garden, so glad that I am back in my garden. The last few days have been incredible that I have, almost, forgotten that horrible winter, the emphasis on Almost. When I was recently whining to a friend about my out of control weeds, she said "oh , but you love doing the garden" I quickly corrected her that I love the garden, but who loves weeding. With reflection, it is the garden itself that I love, not so much the gardening. I treat the garden as another space that I can decorate, but since, as my niece would say, I do not have "peeps" to do the garden, I am the gardener.
I am passionate that I can go out to the garden, as I did this morning, and pick fresh flowers for the house................
it just doesn't get any better than this.

Well, I just had 30 bags of mulch delivered, and as I mentioned there are no peeps to do the work, so it's out to the garden for me.
Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.......Put on your Pearls girls, and have a grand day.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Went to see Louder than a Bomb at the Drexel Theatre......the movie was well done, and the subject matter was fabulous. Louder than a Bomb is a poetry slam contest conducted with high school students. The movie followed four students, and their teams in the Chicago area. The students write the poetry and then perform at a city wide high school competition. The kids were amazing....they each had experienced pain and anger, and were able to tell their story through poetry. The message gleaned from this movie, is that with encouragement and support kids can produce incredible results.
After the movie was over the director and one of the teachers from Chicago spoke and answered questions. Another bonus, a young woman from Eastmoor Academy who had won a poetry slam in Columbus, delivered her own poem.
The after movie discourse was wonderful, and shows why the Drexel Theatre is so special.....where else could you see a wonderful movie on a Saturday night and speak with the director and "actor". I love that Jeff Frank spoke to the audience, and that he brings such interesting shows to our city......the Drexel is a neighborhood gem, and we are lucky to have it.
The Drexel is showing HappyThankYouMorePlease this week-end, and Jesse Hara, and Josh Radnor will be here......how great is that.
Put your hand in mine and let us help one another to see things better...Monet
It's raining, again, so........Put on Your Pearls Girls and have a good week.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Happiness is in the air. Last Sunday, on the CBS News Sunday Morning, which is my new favorite TV show, as CBS is my new favorite channel.......love, love love CBS, did an entire segment on happiness showing "happy" cities, and cities not so happy.
The research showed that people who exercise, get enough rest and eat well tend to be more happy. Those interviewed expressed a philosophy that happiness had a correlation to a connection with others.

I believe that happiness comes from within, and that one needs to master becoming happy oneself, and then the connection and relationships with others can follow.
Yesterday I went to hear Goldie Hawn speak at the Ohio Theatre, sponsored by the Women's Fund of Central Ohio. Speaking of happy, she made everyone in the audience joyful and happy. She looks fabulous, has the most incredible figure, and oh that giggle with the smile.
Goldie Hawn established the Hawn foundation about 8 years ago, which now is doing work with Scholastic Inc. measuring happiness, and teaching techniques to young people to attain happiness. I believe that the program teaches children how the brain works, so that they can learn to reduce stress, and harness the power of the brain to feel better allowing an increase in better learning. This program called MindUp reduces aggressive behavior and increases optimism and positive thinking. It gives children enhanced self awareness. I think this program should be made available to adults as well.

Today is another sunny wonderful day in Columbus, Ohio, and the garden is calling.
Life is too short for drama and petty things.....Laugh insanely, love truly and forgive quickly. Have a wonderful week-end, and remember PUT ON YOUR PEARLS GIRLS AND BE HAPPY.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Last minute gift ideas for Mom.......Left--16mm cream Czech glass pearls w/ 16mm carved turquoise. Bottom--16mm cream/silver Czech glass pearls w/20mm pyrite beads and hand crafted large metal bead. Top--16mm cream/14mm mocha Czech pearls w/12mm copper pearl and 20mm Swarovski topaz crystal.
The sun is shining today.......You can't move forward with your eyes on the rear view mirror.