Thursday, May 26, 2016


Red Nose Day is put on by Comic Relief, although I am not feeling very funny at this very moment. I am watching the Red Nose Day program, and am sad and angry seeing children in the United States going to bed hungry. Children in the United States should not have to "push" in their stomachs because they are hungry. I am seeing children here in the United States going to bed on the weekends with no food..........this is unacceptable.
Through the Red Nose Day program children are receiving food at school to take home in back packs for the weekend.......thank you Red Nose Day.
If the cast of 17 characters in the Republican party who ran for the presidency, and who had no chance of receiving the nomination had donated the millions of dollars that they raised, children would not be going to bed hungry.
Jeb Bush, alone raised and wasted $150,000,000. Chris Christy, Rand Paul, Ben Carson, John Kasich, and the list goes on..........shame on you. Talk about fiscal responsibility....I am thinking perhaps over a half a billion dollars was wasted Shouldn't this be the conversation the candidates are having. Are Hillary's emails really an issue? Let's try to keep our eyes on the ball, let's take care of the children, let's take care of the people.