Friday, October 13, 2017


In the last 48 hours, I have heard several conversations regarding how we treat those with whom we work. The suggestions are we must learn to treat our co-workers with compassion and respect.
Andi Campbell, Human Resources Laz Parking, gave a Ted Talk saying that we must bring humans back to work. She states that connecting takes a true conscious effort.
There are studies that prove that ones health, and well being are impacted by our treatment at work. I can attest to this, as I had a most stressful incident at work in January of this year caused by a co-worker, and consequently ended up in the hospital with a heart condition called Takotsubo. I wasn't aware of the intense stress, but my body reacted, and it mirrored a heart attack. I am pleased to say that I am perfectly fine today, and so much wiser.
With the current President setting a very poor example of civility and respect for others our society is in a contentious place.
I work in retail and I have noticed customers are much more aggressive and ready to "fight" when receiving an answer they don't like. We are combative and agitated. What happened to the "Golden Rule".........treat others as we wish to be treated.
Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, speaks about compassionate leadership. He feels that leaders must be able to put themselves in their employees shoes to understand them and treat them with grace and dignity.
Mr. Weiner also finds it necessary to laugh and have fun at work.

I am delighted to see leaders in large corporations are addressing civility, but am concerned that management got so caught up in the bottom line that it forgot to listen and respect those in their employ. 
We have a culture where  we are encouraged to have more, more and more. But isn't more sometimes just more.
 I love technology, but feel that this obsession with being connected 24/7,  and more, if that were possible is making us lose the ability to communicate.
We need to re-learn how to communicate with each other in real time. Along with this constant wanting more makes us lose the appreciation for what we have.
Corporate America is so obsessed with the bottom line, and doing more that it forgot those who are producing to make that bottom line profitable.
Mr. Trump, get off Twitter and learn to communicate. You have demonstrated that you have very little regard or appreciation for those that work for are the leader of the free world, and are setting an example that would not be tolerated in a kindergarten classroom.
The Harvey Weinsteins and Donald Trumps should not be the aspiration of Americans. Certainly monetarily well compensated men, but such poor examples of "good humans".

Monday, September 11, 2017


This is one of my favorite art pieces done by Art Head Studio...........could it be any clearer...
hello TV newscasters, it is raining outside during a hurricane.......go inside. Who stands outside in a hurricane. The sensationalism all weekend with Hurricane Irma was over the top. There are people who lost everything and their lives were in peril...we don't need storm chasers being blown around searching for their 15 minutes of fame. TV people you want a story, cover the clean-up, and help expedite the funds to arrive and help. The people in Houston are cleaning up toxic sludge from their houses, and in need of help. It may not be dramatic, but certainly critical and necessary.
My mother used to say "an empty truck makes a lot of noise". When news coverage is broadcasting 24/7 there really is nothing more to say. You have exhausted what's news worthy!

Sunday, September 3, 2017


IN MY OPINION..... I had dinner last night with friends at La Tavola in Grandview, Ohio. The atmosphere is rather "old school" Italian, however the restaurant is not old.
The food was mundane with a limited menu, and the service was adequate, but not great.
I did not order a salad, however the salads did look fresh, and well prepared. We shared bruschetta which was nice. It was served cold, which I prefer to have warm. The house bread they served with olive oil was delicious....great salty crust.
I ordered gnocchi, several ordered spaghetti with meat balls, and one ordered chicken parmesean by default, as he really wanted veal parmesean, which was not on the menu.
We had to ask for parmesean cheese which was not freshly grated.
The server  was pleasant, but we never saw him again until we asked about dessert. We had to ask......don't  servers know that if they sell dessert their tip will probably increase!
We did order several desserts which we all shared. The lemon tart was  delicious, the tiramisu was very light and tasty, and the chocolate cake was fine. I ordered decaf coffee which was lukewarm and burnt. All in all, I would not rush back to this restaurant.
There is, however nothing better than having dinner with old friends, even if the dinner is just OK.........."it really doesn't matter so much what is on the table, as who is in the chair".

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Ate at Tommy's on Lane Avenue last was a delicious, savory experience.  It came out with a crispy crust, and was so hot, hot hot, as it should be served.  
I ordered a salad, as did my husband and friend. I requested no croutons, however the waitress put the croutons in a small cup on the side on all three salads..........No Croutons means no croutons, not in the salad, not on the side.......NO CROUTONS.......does anyone listen??????????

(painting by Audrey Hackman)

As Julia would say.....Bon Appetite or should I say Mangiate, Mangiate!

Monday, August 28, 2017


Ok..........well here I am again, basically reiterating the same thing I said over a year ago.
I don't know why I seem to get the urge to write intention is always to write on a regular basis.  
My plan is to talk about restaurants that I frequent, and give my opinion of food, atmosphere and above everything else the service. I of course plan on throwing in various other opinions on day to day happenings, and news stories whether fake or not.........Actually I think it will be a potpourri of my daily thoughts and opinions.
Today, I am going to address restaurant service.
In Europe a restaurant server is valued and respected.......unfortunately in this country, it is almost a default job. Servers make a decent  hourly wage even in small casual restaurants, and do very well in more upscale locations.
I think a big part of the problem is that few are properly trained, as many restaurants view the position as replaceable, or maybe the restaurant doesn't really know the elements of great service.
Anticipation is the most important quality a server can have. The server needs to know what the customer wants even before the customer knows.
I want to know the server's name, so I can ask for him, but I am not there to make friends with him.  
I want my food delivered, as ordered, in a timely fashion. It is extremely important to listen to the customer who may have certain requests, and it is the server's responsibility to make sure the kitchen executes these requests.
Please don't ask me if I want more water, just keep the water glass filled, as this would be an example of certain tasks which should just be taken care of without conversation. 
The position of server is the most important in the restaurant. They are the  main representative of  the restaurant, and are the ones who take the praise, and certainly are the ones who hear the complaints. It is the server who is responsible to create an atmosphere that makes the customer want to return.
Food is important, but in my opinion the atmosphere and service are more important.
I have experienced extremely poor service twice in the last 72 hours, and unfortunately it was at the same restaurant. I am not going to mention the name right now, as I know the owner, and feel I should address it with her first.
My husband does not like to eat dinner at home......I don't think it is my cooking, because in my opinion I cook as well as the restaurants we frequent, but regardless the reason I am forced to eat out much more often than I would like.
Please check back often and see where I am dining and how I rate the location.

Thursday, May 26, 2016


Red Nose Day is put on by Comic Relief, although I am not feeling very funny at this very moment. I am watching the Red Nose Day program, and am sad and angry seeing children in the United States going to bed hungry. Children in the United States should not have to "push" in their stomachs because they are hungry. I am seeing children here in the United States going to bed on the weekends with no food..........this is unacceptable.
Through the Red Nose Day program children are receiving food at school to take home in back packs for the weekend.......thank you Red Nose Day.
If the cast of 17 characters in the Republican party who ran for the presidency, and who had no chance of receiving the nomination had donated the millions of dollars that they raised, children would not be going to bed hungry.
Jeb Bush, alone raised and wasted $150,000,000. Chris Christy, Rand Paul, Ben Carson, John Kasich, and the list goes on..........shame on you. Talk about fiscal responsibility....I am thinking perhaps over a half a billion dollars was wasted Shouldn't this be the conversation the candidates are having. Are Hillary's emails really an issue? Let's try to keep our eyes on the ball, let's take care of the children, let's take care of the people.

Sunday, March 27, 2016


Well, here I am March 26, 2016, and I see that I haven't written since February, 2015. It seems like only yesterday that I was here, but obviously not.
So much has happened in the last year, but where to begin.
The Primary season has enough information to fill several posts,  many with enormous amounts of humor. However, I think I will save Mr. Trump and the other Republicans for another day.
There have been wonderful moments in the last year, and there have been tragic and unfortunate moments as well. A blog is supposed to be current, consequently I will not rehash the past year at this moment.
I was speaking with my dear friend, Denise, recently, and have decided that I am going to be the voice of opinion. I am going to share my opinions with all who will listen, and with many who don't really care.  As my husband said last night, I acknowledge others have opinions, but I don't really want those opinions voiced in my presence. Ok, so maybe there is some truth there.
This blog however is mine, and my opinions. The inspiration for my new direction is a result of my observation of posts on Instagram. I have also observed people on television giving opinions, or should I say handing out information. Is most information opinions? I think this is often times true.
Yes, of course, there is information that is fact and only fact, such as 2 times 2 equals 4, and George Washington was the first president of the United States, but so much information is the opinion of the person giving it out.
I work at Macy's in the Home department, and give information to customers all day. I always tell bridal couples who are registering that if you ask 3 different sales associates for information on cookware you will get 3 different opinions. Dragnet's top cop, Jack Webb, would say give me the facts, just the facts, but seldom do we give just the facts. In my world I give opinions, not necessarily advice. And yes, my husband is correct I rarely want the opinions of others. I have lived a full life with many interesting experiences which give a sound base for my opinions.
I don't give opinions unless I am confident and sure my opinions are the best, in my opinion. I am not adverse to changing my opinions if I learn that I am incorrect.
Now that I have clearly stated the facts, and only the facts regarding my opinions, let the posts begin.

Friday night I attended a wonderful opening at Art Access. Audrey Hackman's work is worth making a stop at the gallery.
After the opening we had dinner at the Nazareth

Restaurant on Hamilton Rd. which was a victim of terrorism in February. It is necessary to support our neighbors when tragedy has occurred. We cannot allow evil to take away our freedom.
The food at the Nazareth Restaurant & Deli is delicious and the service was very nice.